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Navigating Opteck’s Withdrawals Policies and Process

Making a profit after a successful trade is truly one of the best feelings a trader can experience. The rush of watching the trade end up in the money and seeing your balance go up is why so many new traders have entered the Binary Options market. The question is though, how do actually access your new found winnings.

Opteck is one of the leaders in the field of Binary Options trading with their high payouts and easy to use platform. Using them as a case study, we can see how this process of withdrawing your cash can be accomplished.

Opteck - The Withdrawal Process


In order to set your account up for making your withdrawals, you will need to present your Opteck Account Manager with a number of documents for verification. This step is essential in securing your private information and making sure that you are the only one with access to your profits.

For your first time withdrawal only, you need to send:

1. A copy of a government issued ID - Various types of identification such as passports, drivers licenses, or other IDs can be used for this purpose.


2. Proof of your address - You can send them a utility bill showing that you are the person who lives at your address. Some options are telephone, electrical or water bills.


3. For those traders who used a credit card for their deposit, you will need to send a copy of the front and back sides of your card. - Just remember to cover up the first 12 numbers on the front so that only the last four digits are visible, and block the CVV number on the back.

According to their website, the process of withdrawing your funds can be completed in three easy steps.

1. Log into your live trading account

2. Click the ‘Withdrawal’ button to open the withdrawal request form.

3. Choose the desired sum and method of payment, and fill in the remainder of the required fields.

It is important to remember that according to their regulations, when Opteck transfers your profits back to you, you will receive the amount totaled in your initial deposit back to that same place. For instance, say that you made your first deposit of $5,000 with your American Express card, and then won an additional $7,000 in your trading. If you wanted to withdraw your money, then Opteck would transfer the first $5,000 back to your AmEx card, and then let you decide how to receive the rest of your profits.

Opteck Time Frames for Payments


Nobody likes waiting around for their hard won profits to arrive in their bank account. Opteck offers some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. In most cases, it takes only 48 hours for your funds to arrive in your account from the time that you finalize your withdrawal request.

Opteck Accepted Methods of Transfers

Withdrawing your funds to your preferred method and destination is as easy as making your initial deposit. Opteck can send you your winnings via credit cards, Moneybookers, Western Union, cashU, and bank wires.

Our Take

Overall, Opteck has received pretty decent results from the users that we have spoken to regarding their experience with the withdrawal process. Their brokers appear to be professional and are good at explaining to new traders what documents are required to receive their funds, as well as being generally helpful with all aspects of advising how to go about making withdrawals.